This website contains the genealogy of the slaves of the Hairston plantations. It is a work in progress that was begin about 2009. It is meant to be the starting point for the descendants of those slaves to find their own family links and connections and to be used in creating their own family history. I believe the links herein are 60% or 70% accurate or greater in some cases

I have used various methods to further my search for links. One is to put a code between the given name and the surname such as 10 d26 42of93. This could be interpreted by looking at the birth location and by searching in the 1910 census (of, district 26, page 42 of 93. When I am convinced the census links are accurate I will come back later and add the census source in the sources location. Marriage records have been the best source I have found in linking the generations here and I have spent approximately two years on marriages.

Another code inserted between the given name and the surname are letters such as AH, BAE, and BAU. This may be interpreted as AH 1858 Household lists of negros at Cooleemee Hill(Plantation), BAE 1861 Shoe Buckle negros, BAU 1845 list of negros at Leatherwood at Jo. Jamerson. This comes from Appendix A, Roster of Slaves on Hairston Plantations in Alphabetical Order. When I figure out how to put text on the website I will add in the key that interprets all of the code.

Many of the plantations shown here are empty of names. That is because for Virginia in particular, I do not yet have a key to break down the various names into their resident plantations as is done for North Carolina plantations. Thus, most of the names are in the Martinsville location.

For my blog I have taken citations primarily from the 1937 Slave Narratives which are not the narratives of the black Hairstons, but I presume may be considered representative of the experience.

The work is immense and seemingly impossible and yet working on it a little at a time and progress is made. Please do not expect too much in answering emails as there is only one of me.

I have been encouraged by many of your responses. I do not have time to do much in the way of individual research, but in some cases, with your help, I have been able to make progress with some of your individual lines.

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