Slave Death

Georgia Slave Death

Slave Narratives are a collection of accounts taken by government workers assigned to go out in about the year 1937 and record the experiences of former slaves before they had all passed away. This work was done under the Work Projects Administration, an agency of the United States government, brought into being by President Roosevelt during his administration. There are many more states where this work was done and many more slave narratives but my research to date has only included South Carolina and Georgia. For a substantial collection of the slave narratives go to Gutenberg Project under Work Projects Administration for further accounts.

What follows are accounts by former slaves from Georgia describing in their own words about slave death. Keep in mind the accounts were based on memory and about 72 years had passed since they had had that experience. Of the broader list of slave narratives accounts (this list only includes interesting accounts from those who shared their stories about their experience) many could not remember the various things that had happened to them and some did not want to give their experience on various subjects.

“Dey ain’t nothin’ lak it use ter be,” sighed Aunt Arrie, “Now when I
first could recollect, when a nigger died they sot up with de corpse all
night and de next day had de funeral an’ when dey started to the burial
ground with the body every body in the whole procession would sing
hymns. I’ve heard ’em ‘nough times clear ‘cross the fields, singin’ and
moanin’ as they went. Dem days of real feelin’ an’ keerin’ is gone.”

[Arrie Binns, Part I, Georgia]

“When folkses on our plantation died Marster allus let many of us as
wanted to go, lay offen wuk twel atter the buryin’. Sometimes it were
two or three months atter the buryin’ befo’ the funeral sermon was
preached. Right now I can’t rekelleck no song we sung at funerals cep’n
‘Hark from the tombs a doleful sound.'”

[James Bolton, Part I, Georgia]

“Dem coffins sho’ wuz mournful lookin’ things, made out of pine boa’ds
an’ painted wid lampblack; dey wuz black as de night. Dey wuz big at de
head an’ little at de foot, sort a lak airplanes is. De inside wuz lined
wid white clawf, what dey spun on de plantation.

[Alec Bostwick, Part I, Georgia]

“Us had a big cemetery on our place and de white folks allus let deir
Niggers come to de fun’rals. De white folks had deir own sep’rate
buryin’ ground, but all de coffins was home-made. Even de ones for de
settlement peoples was made right in our shop. Yassum, dey sung at de
fun’rals and you wants me to sing. I can’t sing, but I’ll try a little
bit.” Then with a beautiful and peculiar rhythm only attained by the
southern Negro, she chanted:


[Julia Bunch, Part I, Georgia]

“On our place when a slave died dey washed de corpse good wid plenty of
hot water and soap and wropt it in a windin’ sheet, den laid it out on
de coolin’ board and spread a snow white sheet over de whole business,
’til de coffin wuz made up. De windin’ sheet wuz sorter lak a bed sheet
made extra long. De coolin’ board wuz made lak a ironin’ board ‘cept it
had laigs. White folkses wuz laid out dat way same as Niggers. De
coffins wuz made in a day. Dey tuk de measurin’ stick and measured de
head, de body, and de footses and made de coffin to fit dese
measurements. If it wuz a man what died, dey put a suit of clothes on
him before dey put him in de coffin. Dey buried de ‘omans in da windin’
sheets. When de Niggers got from de fields some of ’em went and dug a
grave. Den dey put de coffin on de oxcart and carried it to de
graveyard whar dey jus’ had a burial dat day. Dey waited ’bout two
months sometimes before dey preached de fun’ral sermon. For the fun’ral
dey built a brush arbor in front of de white folkses church, and de
white preacher preached de fun’ral sermon, and white folkses would come
lissen to slave fun’rals. De song most sung at fun’rals wuz _Hark from
de Tomb_. De reason dey had slave fun’rals so long atter de burial wuz
to have ’em on Sunday or some other time when de crops had been laid by
so de other slaves could be on hand.

“When white folkses died deir fun’rals wuz preached before dey wuz
buried. Dat wuz de onliest diff’unce in de way dey buried de whites and
de Niggers. Warn’t nobody embalmed dem days and de white folkses wuz
buried in a graveyard on de farm same as de Niggers wuz, and de same
oxcart took ’em all to de graveyard.

[Willis Cofer, Part I, Georgia]

“OO! Yes, I know how they buried folks in slavery time. For caskets they
used straight, white pine boxes that they called coffins. They didn’t
have funerals like they do now. A preacher would say a few words at the
grave and then he prayed, and after that everybody sang something like:
‘I will arise and go to Jesus.’ I was a singer in my younger days.

[Mary Colbert, Part I, Georgia]

“I did go to my father’s funeral. When he was taken sick Dr. Holt
attended his case, and it was not long before he told Marse John that
Father would never get well. When he died Mother hollered and screamed
something terrible. Miss Sue told her not to cry because, ‘the Lord
knows best.’ ‘Yes, Miss Sue,’ answered Mother, ‘but you have never loved
a man to lose.’ With that, they both cried. When anyone died in those
days, the people sat up all night and didn’t go to bed until the funeral
was over. Now, no real sympathy is shown.

[Minnie Davis, Part I, Georgia]

“I hates to even think ’bout funerals now, old as I is. ‘Course I’se
ready to go, but I’se a thinkin’ ’bout dem what ain’t. Funerals dem days
was pretty much lak dey is now. Evvybody in de country would be dar. All
de coffins for slaves was home-made. Dey was painted black wid smut off
of de wash pot mixed wid grease and water.

[Elisha Doc Garey, Part II, Georgia]

“No, Missy, dere warn’t no undertakers back in dem days, and folks had
to pervide evvything at home. Corpses was measured and coffins made to
fit de bodies. All de neighbors, fur and nigh, gathered ’round to set up
wid de fambly.

“Funerals warn’t so common den as now ’cause folks didn’t die out so
fast dem days. Dey tuk better keer of deyselfs, et right, wuked hard,
and went to bed at night ‘stid of folks runs ’round now; deir mammies
and daddies never knows whar dey is. Folks don’t teach chillun right,
and dey don’t make dem go to church lak dey should oughta.

[Bill Heard, Part II, Georgia]

“When a slave died evvybody on our plantation quit wuk ’til atter the
buryin’. The home-made coffins was made of unpainted planks and they was
lined with white cloth. White folks’ coffins was made the same way, only
theirs was stained, but they never tuk time to stain the ones they
buried slaves in. Graves was dug wide at the top and at the bottom they
was just wide enough to fit the coffin. They laid planks ‘crost the
coffins and they shovelled in the dirt. They never had larnt to read the
songs they sung at funerals and at meetin’. Them songs was handed down
from one generation to another and, far as they knowed, never was writ
down. A song they sung at the house ‘fore they left for the graveyard

‘Why do we mourn departed friends,
Or shake at death’s alarm.'”

At the grave they sung, =Am I Born to Die, To Lay this Body Down?=

[Jefferson Henry, Part II, Georgia]

“Dere didn’t many folks die out back in dem good old days, ’cause dey
was made to take keer of deirselfs. Dey had to wuk hard, but dey et
plenty and went to bed reg’lar evvy night in wuk time. When one of ’em
did die out, deir measure was tuk and a coffin was made up and blackened
’til it looked right nice. Whenever dere was a corpse on de place
Marster didn’t make nobody do no wuk, ‘cept jus’ look atter de stock,
’til atter de buryin’. Dey fixed up de corpses nice. Yes, mam, sho as
you is borned, dey did; dey made new clothes for ’em and buried ’em
decent in de graveyard on de place. Marse Jack seed to dat. Dey put de
coffin on a wagon, and de folks walked to de graveyard. Dere was crowds
of ’em; dey come from jus’ evvywhar. A preacher, or some member of deir
marster’s fambly, said a prayer, de folks sung a hymn, and it was all
over. ‘Bout de biggest buryin’ us ever had on our place was for a ‘oman
dat drapped down in de path and died when she was comin’ in from de
field to nuss her baby. Yes, mam, she was right on de way to Granny
Rose’s cabin in de big house yard.

[Lina Hunter, Part II, Georgia]

When a slave died on the place he was wrapped in a sheet, put into a
pine box, and taken to a “burying ground” where he was put in the ground
without any services, and with only the immediate family attending. All
other slaves on the place had to keep on working just as though nothing
had happened.

[Emma Hurley, Part II, Georgia]

“When anybody died, dey laid ’em out on de coolin’ board ’til dey got de
coffin made up. A white man lived nigh us what made all de coffins. He
charged 50 cents to make one for a chile and a dollar for grown folkses.
Dey had de same kind of coffins for evvybody, white and black, buried
’em all in de same graveyard, and built a fence ’round it. White mens
preached all de fun’rals. When dey buried a Nigger dey mos’ly had
prayer, a little talkin’ and some songs. Parts of de songs went lak dis:

“Death has been here and
Tore away a sister from our side,
Jus’ in de mornin’ of ‘er day
As young as us, she had to die.

“Not long ago she filled ‘er place
And sot wid us to larn,
But she done run ‘er mortal race
And nevermore can she return.

“Us can’t tell who nex’ may fall
Underneath de chasen’ rod,
One maybe fus’, but let us all
Prepare to meet our God.

“And needful help is thine to give
For Grace our souls to Thee apply,
To larn us how to serve and live,
And make us fit at las’ to die.”

“Part of another one was:

“Oh, come angel band
Come and ’round me stand,
And bear me away
On your snowy wings,
To my immortal home.”

“Seems lak I can mos’ hear de preacher read de Scripture for his tex’,
‘Buy de truf and sell it not.’

[Alice Hutcheson, Part II, Georgia]

“It jus’ don’t seem lak folks has de same sort of ‘ligion now dey had
dem days, ‘specially when somebody dies. Den de neighbors all went to de
house whar de corpse was and sung and prayed wid de fambly. De coffins
had to be made atter folks was done dead. Dey measured de corpse and
made de coffin ‘cordin’ly. Most of ’em was made out of plain pine wood,
lined wid black calico, and sometimes dey painted ’em black on de
outside. Dey didn’t have no ‘balmers on de plantations so dey couldn’t
keep dead folks out long; dey had to bury ’em de very next day atter dey
died. Dey put de corpse in one wagon and de fambly rode in another, but
all de other folks walked to de graveyard. When dey put de coffin in de
grave dey didn’t have no sep’rate box to place it in, but dey did lay
planks ‘cross de top of it ‘fore de dirt was put in. De preacher said a
prayer and de folks sung _Harps from de Tomb_. Maybe several months
later dey would have de funeral preached some Sunday.

[Julia Larken, Part III, Georgia]

“When folks died den, Niggers for miles and miles around went to de
funeral. Now days dey got to know you mighty well if dey bothers to go a
t’all. Dem days folks was buried in homemade coffins. Some of dem
coffins was painted and lined wid cloth and some warn’t. De onliest song
I ricollects ’em singin’ at buryin’s was: _Am I Born to Lay Dis Body
Down_? Dey didn’t dig graves lak dey does now. Dey jus’ dug straight
down to ’bout five feet, den dey cut a vault to fit de coffin in de side
of de grave. Dey didn’t put no boards or nothin’ over de coffins to keep
de dirt off.

[Ed McCree, Part III, Georgia]

“Dere warn’t many folks sick dem days, ‘specially ‘mongst de slaves.
When one did die, folks would go 12 or 15 miles to de buryin’. Marster
would say: ‘Take de mules and wagons and go but, mind you, take good
keer of dem mules.’ He never seemed to keer if us went–fact was, he
said us ought to go. If a slave died on our place, nobody went to de
fields ’til atter de buryin’. Marster never let nobody be buried ’til
dey had been dead 24 hours, and if dey had people from some other place,
he waited ’til dey could git dar. He said it warn’t right to hurry ’em
off into de ground too quick atter dey died. Dere warn’t no undertakers
dem days. De homefolks jus’ laid de corpse out on de coolin’ board ’til
de coffin was made. Lordy Miss! Ain’t you never seed one of dem coolin’
boards? A coolin’ board was made out of a long straight plank raised a
little at de head, and had legs fixed to make it set straight. Dey wropt
‘oman corpses in windin’ sheets. Uncle Squire, de man what done all de
wagon wuk and buildin’ on our place, made coffins. Dey was jus’ plain
wood boxes what dey painted to make ’em look nice. White preachers
conducted de funerals, and most of de time our own Marster done it,
’cause he was a preacher hisself. When de funeral was done preached, dey
sung _Harps From De Tomb_, den dey put de coffin in a wagon and driv
slow and keerful to de graveyard. De preacher prayed at de grave and de
mourners sung, _I’se Born To Die and Lay Dis Body Down_. Dey never had
no outside box for de coffin to be sot in, but dey put planks on top of
de coffin ‘fore dey started shovellin’ in de dirt.

[Robert Shepherd, Part III, Georgia]

“W’en slaves died dey jes’ tuk ’em off an buried ’em. I doan’ ‘member
’em ever havin’ a funeral, ’til way atter freedom done come an’ niggers
got dey own chu’ches.

“I waked up one mornin’ an’ heered Mistus makin’ a funny fuss. She was
tryin’ to git up an’ pullin’ at her gown. I was plum skeert an’ I runned
atter some of de udder folkses. Dey come a runnin’ but she never did
speak no mo’, an’ diden’ live but jes’ a few hours longer. De white
folkses made me go to ‘er funeral. Dere sho’ was a big crowd of folkses
dar, ’cause evvybody loved Mistus; she was so good to evvybody. Dey
diden’ preach long, mos’ly jes’ prayed an’ sung Mistus’ favorite songs:
‘All God’s Chillun are a Gatherin’ Home,’ and’, ‘We’ll Understand Bye
an’ Bye.’

[Georgia Smith, Part III, Georgia]

“No Mam, I don’t ‘member much ’bout folks dyin’ in dem days ’cause I
never did love to go ’round dead folks. De first corpse I ever seed was
Marse Joe’s boy, young Marse Jimmy. I was skeered to go in dat room ’til
I had done seed him so peaceful lak and still in dat pretty white
casket. It was a sho’ ‘nough casket, a mighty nice one; not lak dem old
home-made coffins most folks was buried in. Hamp Thomas, a colored man
dat lived right below us, made coffins for white folks and slaves too.
Some of dem coffins was right nice. Dey was made out of pine mostly, and
sometimes he painted ’em and put a nice linin’ over cotton paddin’. Dat
made ’em look better dan de rough boxes de porest folks was buried in.
Mammy said dat when slaves died out on de plantation day wropped de
‘omans in windin’ sheets and laid ’em on coolin’ boards ’til de coffins
was made, Dey put a suit of homespun clothes on de mens when dey laid
’em out. Dey jus’ had a prayer when dey buried plantation slaves, but
when de crops was laid by, maybe a long time atter de burial, dey would
have a white man come preach a fun’ral sermon and de folks would all
sing: _Harps (Hark) From De Tomb_ and _Callin’ God’s Chillun Home_.

[Nancy Smith, Part III, Georgia]

“Corpses was washed good soon atter de folkses died and deir clothes put
on ’em, den dey was laid on coolin’ boards ’til deir coffins was made
up. Why Missy, didn’t you know dey didn’t have no sto’-bought coffins
dem days? Dey made ’em up right dere on de plantation. De corpse was
measured and de coffin made to fit it. Sometimes dey was lined wid black
calico, and sometimes dey painted ’em black on de outside. Dere warn’t
no undytakers den, and dere warn’t none of dem vaults to set coffins in
neither; dey jus’ laid planks crost de top of a coffin ‘fore de dirt was
piled in de grave.

[Paul Smith, Part III, Georgia]

“A death was somepin what didn’t happen often on our plantation, but
when somebody did die folkses would go from miles and miles around to
set up and pray all night to comfort de fambly of de daid. Dey never
made up de coffins ’til atter somebody died. Den dey measured de corpse
and made de coffin to fit de body. Dem coffins was lined wid black
calico and painted wid lampblack on de outside. Sometimes dey kivvered
de outside wid black calico lak de linin’. Coffins for white folkses was
jus’ lak what dey had made up for deir slaves, and dey was all buried in
de same graveyard on deir own plantations.

[Neal Upson, Part IV, Georgia]

“There were no funeral parlors in those days. They just funeralized the
dead in their own homes, took them to the graveyard in a painted
home-made coffin that was lined with thin bleaching made in the loom on
the plantation, and buried them in a grave that didn’t have any bricks
or cement about it. That brings to my memory those songs they sung at
funerals. One of them started off something like this, _I Don’t Want You
to Grieve After Me_. My mother used to tell me that when she was
baptized they sung, _You Shall Wear a Lily-White Robe_. Whenever I get
to studying about her it seems to me I can hear my mother singing that
song again. She did love it so much.

[John Van Hook, Part IV, Georgia]

“When slaves died, dey made coffins out of pine wood and buried ’em whar
de white folkses was buried. If it warn’t too fur a piece to de
graveyard, dey toted de coffin on three or four hand sticks. Yessum,
hand sticks, dat’s what day called ’em. Dey was poles what dey sot de
coffin on wid a Nigger totin’ each end of de poles. De white preacher
prayed and de Niggers sung ‘Hark f’um de Tomb.’

[Emma Virgel, Part IV, Georgia]

“Our Marster sot aside a piece of ground ‘long side of his own place for
his Niggers to have a graveyard. Us didn’t know nothin’ ’bout no
fun’rals. When one of de slaves died, dey was put in unpainted home-made
coffins and tuk to de graveyard whar de grave had done been dug. Dey put
’em in dar and kivvered ’em up and dat was all dey done ’bout it.

[Frances Willingham, Part IV, Georgia]

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